Divide web content by time or sequence

In many situations, time or sequence is a good way to organize information: something happens first, then something else, and so on. Figure 5-3, from Bank of America, shows a pathway page to a series of short articles on

Banket America

Higher Standards

Loans and Home Buying


The six headings give ! y^J you a sense of the process - in time order -before you read the articles.

lear-nhrtg Center

First Time Horn* buyer

Buy a Home

Refinance Your Home

Use Your Home Equity

All About Mortgages

Frequently Ask ad Questions


Real Estate Center

Buy a Home

Learn about the home buying process. Read the articles ii order or skip to the topic that interests you the most.

■ ilfraais^ui-Ifias Learn about different mortgage types

Pre Qualify for a loan whet you need to know about prequalifying ftfld Ypgr tome

How to find the home that's right for you

Makg thp gffgr

How to make en offer to purchase a home ftpfthf for i9ur ¡pan what you need to know to apply for a mortgage

Manage your loan

How to manage your mortgage account after dosing

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Mon-Fri 8am - 11pm EST Sat 9am - 5pm EST

Online Tools

Search mortals, retss hgme? and hp™? builders

Bank-owned properties

House-huntino checklist (PPF)

feytiget ptonywQ thctkfc* (PDF)

pgwn'Md ftfobe ftwfcr

You'll need Adobe Reader version S.O or later to read the PDF checklist.

Figure 5-3 Organizing information in a time sequence is often the logical way to break a large topic into useful pieces.


buying a home. Just scanning down the article titles (the links) gives prospective home buyers a sense of the tasks involved and the sequence they come in.

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