Dont embed links if you want people to stay with your information

To this point in the chapter, we've focused on links on home pages and pathway pages, where your primary goal is helping people move on.

Let's turn to an issue for the information pages at the end of that pathway. As we discussed in the section on layering in Chapter 6, information pages also often include links - to more details or related information.

Recently, one of the hottest topics for one of my clients was this question: Is it okay to embed links in paragraphs of text or should you always put them at the end of the paragraph or even separate them from the other text entirely?

The answer, as with so many questions in creating successful web sites, is that it depends on your purposes, your web users, and why they are coming to your web site.

Information page: scan and get

Other information pages - more details

Other information pages - related topics

The point to remember is that an embedded link is always a distraction. If people choose to follow an embedded link, they leave your information in the middle of what you are saying. It's like switching conversational topics in mid-sentence.

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