Dont put offpage links where people expect samepage links

Remember that people bring expectations to your web pages. They expect that a list of links within the content area at the top of a web page will take them to information on that page. Meet that expectation.

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How to get the best out of this site

How to get the best out of this site i\ Home Site help

We've tried to make our site easy to use but il you are stuck, this section wilt help you.

Same-page links. Clicking -

U^ on a que^otVN^ takes you down the page to where that question is a heading. tTja fossa:^ -ovo.r sm>¡'!¡r>

©Bold heading. You get here by scrolling or by clicking on

How do t channe mv scteen resolution? Mv browser is out-of-date - how can I nel a new one? Where can I learn more about usinn the Interner?

the first link. _ ,..,..,. , ,,. Minor tVPo: a same-page

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If you want to go to another area of the sfedick with ^ match exactly. Here "this"

has become "the."

Figure 10-15 Gathering up all the headings on a web page into a set of links at the top of the page helps people. They can see what's on the page and get quickly to one part of the page.

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