In Chapters 3 and 4, we looked at home pages and pathway pages - at "getting to the information." In Chapter 5, we started on information pages by considering how to break up documents and large blocks of information into separate web pages. In this chapter, we'll talk about what to put into each of those information pages.

First, let's expand our picture of how people get to your information pages. The top line in this new picture is the one we focused on as we discussed home pages and pathway pages. The other lines bring in the realities of other ways people reach your information pages, whether you are blogging or writing content deep within a site.


Pathway page: scan, select, and move on

Search engine: enter keywords

Pathway page: scan, select, and move on

Information page: scan and get information

Search results: select site/page

Link in an email or other push technology

Information page: scan and get information

Information page: scan and get information

Blogs where people get directly to the information

Our focus in this chapter

What do you do when you get to information pages? Do you immediately start to read it all or do you first skim and scan?

Most people don't jump right in and read. They skim and scan, even on information pages. They are deciding:

They look at the page title, and they look for headings and key words in the text.

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