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Consider your site visitors' experience and expertise in both the subject matter and in using the web. You may have differences here for different user groups. (You may also have a range of experience or expertise within a user group; note that, too.)

For example, for a travel site:

Experienced travelers Probably familiar with other travel sites; probably know how e-tickets work; may know airport codes of places they travel to frequently; want fast ways of working - probably need little explanation at each step

Occasional travelers May not be familiar with travel sites; may not know how e-tickets work; probably do not know airport codes; may need explanations at each step

For example, for a health information site:

Researchers and health Probably know the medical terminology care professionals

Patients May not know the medical terminology

• Some may want to get the information without ever learning the terminology

• Some may want to learn the terminology to talk to the doctor

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