Giant pandas start out small

"Giant pandas are black and white and loved all over" looks like a heading. But it isn't functioning as one because it doesn't tell us what the following paragraph is about. It's more of a tag line for the whole article.

The question heading draws ( ^J people into the text. If you use a question as a heading, be sure to answer the question in the text that follows.

I'm not sure why the writer ("Ï switched from questions to statements. Perhaps having drawn readers in with a few questions, the writer thought readers were ready for statements.


Figure 10-4 This page about pandas shows both question headings and statement (key message) headings.

Writing good questions for headings is not a trivial task. Here are four keys to writing questions that work well as headings in web content:

• Make them the questions people come with.

• Think conversation. Ask the question from the site visitors' point of view.

• Keep the questions short.

• Consider starting with a key word for fast access and accessibility.

Age of maturity: rriales-

Conservation status: Endangered endangered

Fun facts

• They seem pretty quiet, but giant pandas can Heat, roar, growl, and honk

• Giant pandas are technically carnivores, but they have adapted to live mostly on bamboo They will eat small mammals if they can catch them, though i

• Like other types of bears, giant pandas are curious and playful, especially when they're young in zoos, they like to play with enrichment items like piles of ice or sawdust, puzzles made ol bamboo with food Inside, and different scerrts like spices.

• Giant pandas have unusually thick and heavy bones for their size, but they are also very flexible and like to do somersaults.

See them

San Diego Zoo: Giant Panda Research Station


• Read Wefclogs from our Giant Panda Team

• Adopt-An-Animal Program: giant panda

• CRES: Maternal Care Strategies in Giant Pandas

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