Have someone focus on the big picture with you

The big picture editor focuses on audience, appropriateness of the Professional writers always have content, overall organization, and coherence throughout the writing. editors to help them.

A big picture editor should start by asking:

• What are you trying to achieve?

• Who are your audiences?

• How will those people use what you are writing? What are they coming to your web site to do? What are their scenarios?

With the answers to those questions, the big picture editor should read and comment on how well you have

• made your key messages obvious

• organized your messages for the audiences

• shown your organization through the headings

• written sentences that will make sense to your audiences and are easy to read

• chosen words that your readers are likely to understand

A big picture editor should be able to help you improve all those aspects of your writing. In fact, a big picture editor should be working with you from the beginning of your project and you should be sharing outlines and drafts throughout the project.

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