How do personas work with a web team

Personas become members of your web team. Figure 2-3 shows how one team keeps their persona in clear view as they work. They can turn to her and "ask" her what path she would take to get to information or how she would do a task in what they are developing.

Instead of talking generically about "users" for your web content, you start talking about your personas by name.

• Will Matthew be able to find this information about his insurance policy?

• What will Edith do if she has a question about her problems with her eyesight?

Figure 2-3 Marie Tahir (in the red blouse) and her colleagues at Intuit have Lindsay with them as they plan and develop their product. Used with permission.

• What questions will Kristin ask about this topic?

• When Sanjay comes to this web site, will he search or navigate? What search terms will he use to get to the content I am writing?

Here are some ways that personas have become members of web teams:

• They come to team meetings as life-size cardboard cutouts.

• Their pictures and information hang on the wall in the team's work space.

• Their pictures and information are printed on place mats or mouse pads so that they are on the table at meetings and in team members' work spaces.

• Emails from them and about them circulate in the team.

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