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I see many web pages where topics are stacked together on one web page when they are answers to different questions that different people ask at different times. The topics fit together from the organization's point of view, but the web user wants only one when visiting the site.

For example, you can see in Figure 5-11 that Dymocks, an Australian bookseller, has all of its customer service information in one file - one long web page. Whether you are looking for the company's privacy policy, how to use its shopping basket, or whether you can return an item, you go to the same page. I've been in the Dymocks store in Sydney many times; it's a wonderful bookshop. But this part of the web site doesn't match most web users' needs.

A page like this is built for the scenario, "Mario wants to read all of our customer support policies and procedures at one time." That scenario doesn't seem likely. It's much more likely that site visitors will start conversations like the following with the site.

Dytnoclts Online is the leading Australian boafcsellmg websile (according to unwise), Whether you lit;« to ihop in store or online, you will find the website a useful resource.

Q Privacy & Security

All the help topics are jrtj on one very long page.

The range of titles on the website represents the range found in our main store in George St, Sydney, plus a number of titles we are able to order on request, ftote that this range is normally not found in other, smaller Dymocks stores. Your online order is fulfilled from the stock in the main store and sent to you by either courier or Australia Post, At this time we cannot offer a store collection service,

Please note that we cannot advise whether a book can be found ii particular store, as each store selects its own inventory data.

Please note that prices, products and availability on Dymocks onltne may differ from Dymocks stores. All prices on Dy mocks Online are in Australian dollars.

Q Privacy & Security

Dymocks Online respects your nght to privacy under the Privacy Act 199B (Cth) and is required to comply with the national privacy principles in respect of the collection of personal information from individuals.

The infarm-atian we collect

On our website, you can order products and subscribe to our online newsletter. The sort of personal information we collect from these pages includes your name, address, email address, telephone number, fax number, credit card information and information about your areas of interest.

Now you can access or correct personal information

You may request access to personal information we^hoid about you by

At some resolutions, f Jp^ J you can't see all the topics in this list.

Figure 5-11 Very few, if any, site visitors want all of this long page. The topics go together only from the company's point of view, not from the web user's.

These site visitors each want only the answer to the one question they are asking. They don't want to have to wade through other information to get to what they want.

From the web user's point of view, a more useful design would be a pathway page with topics each leading to a much shorter page that covers just that topic - the way it is done by Powell's of Portland, Oregon (Figure 5-12).

©In this web site, visitors choose the help topic they need from a pathway page.

Figure 5-12 If each topic answers a different need, giving each topic its own page makes sense for web users.

Figure 5-12 If each topic answers a different need, giving each topic its own page makes sense for web users.

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