Identifying the site establishing the brand

Your site's logo, name, and tag line identify it. Don't use a paragraph to For more on tag lines and other explain the site. Don't put paragraph-long mission statements on the aspects of home pages, pathway home page. Most people won't read them. pages, and navigation, see Krug,

Don't Make Me Think! 2005.

Instead, encapsulate your company's or organization's mission in a memorable tag line - a short phrase that tells people how to think about the site.

Consider Figure 3-1, the top of the Aspen Square Hotel's home page. The identifying information here works well with very few words, as long as people coming to this site know what a condominium hotel is and recognize Aspen as the famous resort in Colorado.


Condom in turn Hotel

1-800-470-0530 1-970-925-1000

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