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You may be the sole author of an article or opinion piece or a story. "I" is appropriate; it's your voice as author; your voice in the conversation with the people coming to see what you are saying. In Figure 8-9, Lou Manfredini makes ladder safety very personal.

Mth care, you wont be heading tor a fall this fall By Lou Manfadiai

Hove you ever fallen off a ladder? I have, several times, and I can tel you it is not fun.

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Nor am I unique. Last year, there were an estimated 171,000 ladder-related accidents in the U.S., according to the American Ladder Institute, which is an astounding number. As a homeowner, climbing up a ladder is probably the single riskiest thing you can do. And the faS season marks the riskiest time of all, as homeowners add "cleaning leaves out of the gutters" to their weekend chore ists.

Figure 8-9


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