Make reviews work for you and your web site visitors

In organizations, putting together a successful web site requires teamwork. And some members of that team may be reviewers of your web content. Your web content may have to go through review with

• managers, who are accountable for the content

• policy analysts, who make sure the messages are in line with the organization's policies

• lawyers, who make sure the messages won't get the organization into legal trouble

• technical staff, who check accuracy

• editorial staff, who check consistency with style

• publication staff, who check consistency with formatting and templates

Of course, not all content goes through all those reviews. And you may, yourself, fill one of the positions in that list.

How can you make working with reviewers (and reviewees) be a positive experience rather than a nerve-wracking and frustrating one? Let's talk about reviewing in three stages:

• setting up good reviews

• getting useful information from reviewers

• making good use of reviews

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