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Men Not Necessarily More Car-Care Savvy Than Women Spots Survey shows both sexes fall short in preventive maintenance knowledge

HOUSTON - Women who turn to men for car-care advice may not be getting good counsel as often as tiiey think, A national survey sponsored by Jiffy Lube International found that while 69 percent of men and 64 percent of women think men know more than women on th© subject, their responses to basic car-care questions tell a so me what different story.

"With peak driving season approaching and gasoline prices nsing, we decided to see if men really have any bragging rights when it comes to getting the most out of your vehicle - and every gallon,* said Jiffy Lube international technical expert Mark Ferner,

When asked where a vehicle's proper tire-inflation pressure information is located, 67 percent of men and 45 percent of women said on the tires' side wails. In fact, that's wrong, "Proper bre pressure is vehicle-speafic/ Ferner said, "Tire sidewalls list the maximum pressure recommended by the tire manufacturer. Proper tire pressure information for a vehicle is found on a decal typically in the vehicle's door jamb or in the vehide owner's manual." Twenty-two percent of women - more than the 16 percent of men - realized the correct tire pressure is not on the tire side wall, wheel rim or wheel well.

Two-thirds (67 percent) of men and 46 percent of women incorrectly assumed simply switching from conventional engine oil to synthetic oil enables the number of miles between oil changes to be safely extended, "Switching from conventional to synthetic oil is not an automatic license to extend a vehicle's oil-change interval/ said Ferner, "The vehide manufacturer s recommendations and the conditions in which you drive are also important. Most vehicle owners' manuals list two oil change intervals - one for normal driving and the other for severe driving. If you idle excessively, or often drive in stop-and-go traffic or extreme weather conditions, your vehide is likely a candidate for the severe service schedule,"

The normal life expectancy for many windshield wiper blades is six to 12 months. While about half of the men and women polled (54 percent and 49 percent) knew this, nearly 40 percent of them (39 percent and 38 percent) answered anywhere from one to five years, "Many drivers dont think about the condition of their wiper blades until they're caught in foul weather,' said Ferner, "Checking and replacing them as needed could improve visibility to avoid a very dangerous situation out _..on the marl," —1 ______

- No date near the top

No information on who the contact people are

The heading and first \"\ paragraph give the key NiX message. But the heading is long and centered. The page looks very dense.

^S No tables even though the ' J information includes numbers that would work well in a table.

^S This isn't written for the f ji J way that typical web users work with information.

Figure Interlude 1-1 A press release in traditional style.


What would the difference look like?

iiorc locator

(>>■ :oii company

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:-{.' Qi cny.


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Keeping Your Vehicfe Warmed Up For Winter Jtffy Lube® Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Shape and Improve Fuel Economy

The air ftlter is like a vehicle's lung, helping the engine breathe as it burns fuel. When the filter gets dogged with dirt, leaves or other contaminants the engine has to work harder to pull dean air into the cylinders, reducing fuel economy,

Air filters should be periodically inspected and changed. A naw one can save an average of 11 cents per gallon of gasoline.

This could still be better:

• It's still not clear who the contact people are.

• The main heading should be larger and not centered.

• Underlining the headings makes them look like links, but they are not links.

• The headings are cute, but they don't do a good job of telling readers what each paragraph is about.

fS The date is right up front.

HOUSTON, Oec. 2005 - Vehides were rot intended to hibernate during the winter. Jiffy Lube® maintenance experts offer the following advice to get vehicles into shape for colder temperatures and to save money on fuel.

Keep the Juices Flowing

Replace vital fluids such as motor oil, differential fluid and transmission fluid according to the vehicle manufacture«' time and mileage recommendations.

Motor oi if ¿n engine's lifeblood, reducing friction between moving parts and cleaning away harmful dirt and contaminants in the engine. Generally, drivers should use the lightest grade of oil their vehicle manufacturer recommends for the conditions they drive in. Dunno the winter, this mav mean an e^en lighter grade than usual. The right motor oil grade can save an average of three cents per gallon of gasoline.

Antifreeze and coolant are also important In colder temperatures to keep Che engine from freezing.

/¡■^S Short paragraphs make I^J key messages stand out

Bold headings break up ' s.sj the page. The text doesn't seem as dense.

Figure Interlude 1-2 A different press release from the same site. This one is much closer to good style for web information. www.jiffylube.com

On the Jiffy Lube site, both of these are found only under the link to Company and then to Press Room. However, I found them by Googling for information on how to get my car ready for winter. So press releases, even when deep in a site, are web information that is readily reached by ordinary people asking a search engine for help on their topic.

Press releases show up as web information through searches - at your site or through an external search engine.

And the search results from Google led me to the same press release on For an example of how a press many other sites. Your press releases may have a very long life as web release became web information -

information - not only on the site you maintain, but on other sites as and needs to be updated and well. Think about this new life and consider writing press releases to managed as web information -

serve better as web information. see Case Study 8-4 at the end of

Chapter 8.

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