Put a space between long items

The lists up to here in this chapter all have very short lines of text. You can also have lists where each list item is a sentence - or more. When list items become long, putting them one on top of the other can make it very difficult for web users to tell that you are, in fact, giving them a list.

Figure 9-7 shows you an example from a page about getting a commercial driver's license in the U. S.

With no space between long ^ j bulleted items, the page becomes a wall of words.

This page should be f ji J rewritten as a series of **** questions and answers.

Fact Sheet-Commercial Driver's license (CDL)

Online Registrator! Printable Forms Lists New Company (New Entrant) Licensing & Insurance Commercial Dover's â–¡cense (CDL)

Seven new provisions in the regulation address the following: disqualification far driving while suspended, disqualified, or causing a fatality, emergency disqualification of drivers posing an imminent hazard, expanded definition of serious traffic violations, extended driver record check; new notification requirements, masking prohibition; disqualification for viol aliens obtained white awing a noncommercial motor vehicle (CMV) The Motor Carrier Safety improvement Ad of 1999 requires the agency to withhold Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program grant fands from the states if they do not comply with the regulation, A new masking prohibition does not prevent a conviction from appearing on a driver's record and requires making conviction

. information available to authorized parties Applicants for an initial CDL. and those transfemng or renewing a CDL, must premde state driver licensing agency personnel with the name of all states where previously licensed for the past ten years to drive any type of motor vehicle, allowing stale officials to obtain an applicant's complete dmung record. The flnal rule limits this record check to CDL drivers initiaity renewing their license alter Ihe effective date of this rulemaking States must maintain a CDL driver-history record noting an individual's convictions for state or local motor-vehicle traffic-control laws white operating any type of motor vehicle Information on ftiese convictions and other licensing aclions must be kept a minimum of three years. Disqualifying offenses range from three years to life The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) may prohibit a state from Issuing, renewing, transferring, or upgrading

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Figure 9-7 When usability test participants got to this page, they gave up. They would not read the page. They guessed the answer to the question they were researching. The bullets did not help because each item is long, and the items are all jammed together with no space between them. www.fmcsa.dot.gov

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