Put the action in the verbs not the nouns

Much of the web is about action, and verbs are the action words. Even in essays and articles, you are probably talking about people doing things. Doing = action = verbs.

If you bury the action in a noun, the verb often becomes just an uninteresting placeholder. Take the action out of the noun and put it in the verb, where it belongs.

noun hiding a verb weak verb i Weak sentence The Commission's recommendations for changes were few in number.

strong verb

Strong sentence The Commission recommended few changes.

noun hiding a verb weak noun hiding verb a verb

Retention of these records for seven years is a requirement for licensees. [ J Weak sentence requirement ^ require ^ must retention ^ retain ^ keep

┬ęstrong verb

Strong sentence Licensees must keep these records for seven years.

Here's a table of the most common endings for nouns that hide verbs. Use this to help you keep the action in the verb and not in the nouns.

Look for this

As in this example

Which should be this verb






maintain, keep up



concur, agree






transmit, send






fail, if you don't

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