Reversing the order

If you were to say the content of this sentence to someone, you would probably reverse the order of the information. You would start with the yams because that's the answer to the question, "What are we talking about?" The yams are the context, the topic, the connection to what the web user came looking for. The yams belong at the beginning, as in this suggested revision:

I'm importing yams Good, this is about importing yams

I'm importing yams Good, this is about importing yams j r^l ■ VOJ imporii-iq VK^'S Ho the Un to::; Si;re:;.-o, — f they must be fumigated when they arrive at the ontext; what the reader knows port of entry.

The approved fumigation method is to use methyl bromide at normal atmospheric pressure, following this procedure:-

-New information for the reader

- "Fumigation" is now "old" information because it's already been introduced.

New information for the reader

Now the reader expects information about the procedure and how to use the methyl bromide.

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