Scenarios help you understand all types of users

You may also want to have scenarios for a few secondary personas. For example, if your main personas are frequent shoppers and casual shoppers but you also have investors and newspaper people coming to the site, you may want to do "mini-personas" for them along with their scenarios.

Do the mini-personas with scenarios in Figures 2-5 and 2-6 give you a sense of these people and their lives? Would they be helpful to you in creating web sites for people like them?

Mark Williams is a sales coordinator for one of the divisions of FGH Corporation. His job, like that of most of his friends, includes many different responsibilities. He often feels as if he's juggling tasks all day long.

Today he's trying to put together some projections that his boss wants "immediately." But Mark also has to deal with questions that his staff can't handle on their own, and that often involves looking up policies on the company's intranet.

The telephone just interrupted Mark's work on the projections for his boss. It's Anu Pati out in the field negotiating a deal with a client. Anu needs to know whether company policy allows her to offer volume discounts to this client and what those discounts can be.

Mark needs to find the right policy quickly both to keep Anu and her potential client happy and because he wants to get back to the job for the boss. He also hopes the policy is clearly stated so that he and Anu are both confident they are giving the client correct information.

Figure 2-5 A scenario for developing an intranet site.

Don and Mariella Garcia just had their second baby, so they need a bigger car. Don's construction work is going well, but Mariella is staying home for a while, so they're worried about money. They're going to need a loan to buy the new car, and they want a good deal.

Mariella knows about computers and the web from the job she was doing before she got married. But she can only go look on the web in spurts - when the children are napping or late at night when Don can look with her. And then they are both very tired.

They're not financial experts; they don't know all the banking terms that some of these sites use. They're trying to find a site with good loans that talks to them with words they understand.

Figure 2-6 A scenario for developing a bank or credit union site.

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