What resolutions are your site visitors working at? What speeds are they connecting with? How steady is their connection? Do they pay for every minute they are on? Are some people getting your web content on small screens - on personal digital assistants (PDAs)? on cell phones? You'll want to know that as you make decisions about your web content.

Despite the tremendous growth of broadband, it is not universal. In many places, people pay for each minute of connection - they don't have unlimited access for a monthly charge. Many users are still on slow connections and slow computers, including many home users, older adults, and even users in large companies and in organizations that can't afford to update their computers regularly.

Technology changes so rapidly that any statistics I put into the book would be quickly out of date. So instead of numbers, here are some web sites you can check to track the growth of broadband and other technology issues: (and search for broadband statistics)

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