Think about the web users and their scenarios

The site is for people like Joe.

26 years old construction worker high school graduate, no college married, no children yet likes to be outdoors has an old home computer his brother gave him doesn't use the computer much is in pain from his injuries is skeptical about whether the government agency is going to be helpful if he tries to get information about what to do

Joe fell off a scaffold on a construction job last week. He knows he's lucky that he's going to be okay. But he sprained his ankle, injured his back, and broke his arm. He won't be able to work for a while.

Joe is worried about money. His wife, Lily, works in retail, but they won't be able to get through the month with just her salary. They're going to be relying on the checks he should get from the government agency that handles benefits for injured workers.

His employer and the doctor both told him he has to file a claim to get paid while he is out of work because he is injured. He wants to be sure that he files the claim correctly so that he starts getting paid quickly.

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