Twelve guidelines for writing meaningful links

Use these 12 guidelines when you are writing links:

1. Don't make new program and product names into links by themselves.

2. Rethink document titles and headings that turn into links.

3. Think ahead. Match links and page titles.

4. Be as explicit as you can in the space you have - and make more space if you need it.

5. Use action phrases for action links.

6. Use single nouns sparingly; longer, more descriptive links often work better.

7. Add a short description if people need it - or rewrite the link.

8. Make the link meaningful - not Click here, not just More.

9. Coordinate when you have multiple, similar links.

10. Don't embed links if you want people to stay with your information.

11. If you use bullets with links, make them active, too.

12. Make both unvisited and visited links obvious.

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