Use lists to make information easy to grab

If you want to tell people about several items, set them out as a list. A list is easy to skim and scan.

Major tourist attractions in Major tourist attractions in Beijing

Beijing include the Great Wall, include:

the Forbidden City, the Summer • The Great Wall

Palace, and Tiananmen Square. • The Forbidden City

• The Summer Palace

• Tiananmen Square

When you were reading the paragraph version, did you find yourself making a mental list?

Compare Figures 9-1 and 9-2. By replacing the paragraph in the original Adventure Women page with lists, we help people

• see how many items there are

• check off items (mentally, even if they can't write on the screen)

• find a specific item quickly

2. Keep most lists short

The Grande Dome of Women s

Adventure Travel Since 198?

Are You An Adventure Women?

This paragraph hides two lists.

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Annapurna Lodge Trek tn Nepal's Himalayas


We suggest that you use your pack as your carry-on bag during your flights to Nepal, In addition to your passport, money, credit

--cards, and airline tickets, your daypack should contain all essential personal items; toiletries, medications, one set of trek clothing, camera film (thatyou should no longer put in checked bags), and pajamas, etc. for your overnight stay at the Amari Hotel at the Bangkok Airport. You should wear (or carry in your

Kirtl wmif tittdfin bann tKa niant

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Figure 9-1 Information is more difficult to extract from a paragraph than from a list.

The Grande Dame of Women'« Adventure Trauet Since 1982

Are You An Adventure Woman?

Figure 9-2 A possible revision with the information in lists.

■ airline tickets

Also pack these items in it

• toiletries

■ medications

• one set oi trek clothing

■ hiking boots (unless you wear them on the plane)

• other items you thinkwillbe essential

Figure 9-2 A possible revision with the information in lists.

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