Use numbered lists for instructions

Much of the web is about completing tasks: arranging a loan, returning a package, booking travel, and so on. Tasks require instructions. Instructions imply sequence. Sequence = numbered steps in a list.

Create a blog in 3 easy steps: 1. create an account; 2. name your blog; 3. choose a template.

Create a blog in 3 easy steps:

1. Create an account.

2. Name your blog.

3. Choose a template.

Just as with the bulleted list at the beginning of this chapter, did you find yourself turning the paragraph version of these three steps into a visual, vertical list? Or did you skip the paragraph version entirely and look only at the list?

Figure 9-13 is the original of the "create a blog" page. Note how the writer uses bold, colored text, and big colored numbers to make the instructions stand out.

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