Web users skim and scan

Last time you were on the web, how much did you want to read? How quickly did you want to get past the home page of the site you went to?

Did you search? How much of the search results page did you read? Did you navigate? How much did you want to read on the pathway (menu) pages you had to go through to get to the information you were looking for?

What did you do when you got to the page where you thought the information was? Did you start to read right away? Or did you first skim and scan?

Most people skim and scan a lot on the web. They hurry through all the navigation, wanting to get to the page that has what they came for. Even on the final (destination, information) pages, most web users skim and scan before they read.

Most web users are very busy people who want to read only as much as they need to satisfy the goal that brought them to the web.

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