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After 6 months and several rounds of developing and testing prototypes, HHS launched the new site in October 2002. The overall information architecture and design have held up very well since then. Here is the modified site:

The main content area lists ' ksJ many topics. This gives people a better sense of the breadth of what HHS covers. It also helps people find what they need.

Leading America to Better Health, Safety and Well-Being

The Search box is where '^ksJ people expect to find it.

United Stales Department of

Health Human Services

Leading America to Better Health, Safety and Well-Being

• Diseases & Conditions

• Mental Health

• Treatment, Prevention, Genetics

• Clinical Trials

• Addictions, Substance Abuse

• Exercise, Fitness

• Safety Tips & Programs

• Smoking, Drinking m Traveler's Health

• Drug 8t Food Information

• Drugs, Dietary Supplements

• Recalls & Safety Alerts

• Medical Devices

• Policies & Regulations

• Policies, Guidelines

• Laws, Regulations

• Research & Program Funding

• Scholarships, Internships, Financial Aid

• Faith-Based & Community Initiatives

• Reference Collections

• Disasters & Emergencies

• Bioterrorjsm

• Emergency Preparedness

• Hurricanes

• Families 8t Children

• Medicaid, Other Health Insurance

• Chitd Support, Child Care, Adoption

• Domestic violence, Child Abuse

• Health Issues

• Coping 8t Caring

• Specific Populations

• Disabilities

• Racial 8c Ethnic Minorities

• Resource Locators

• Hospitals 8c Nursing Homes

• Other Health Care Facilities

• Physicians, Other Healthcare Providers

• HHS Agencies 8s Offices

• Employment, Training Opportunities

Skip N»yjqation

• ttttSJtoms

Scorch in the Spotlight

• Medic are Prescription Drug Plan Progress Rep.ort.Iss.ue.d

• f PA licenses cervical Cancer Vaccine

• PafldsMr FhjJ Ayifl.n Elk

• Surgical Cost and Qwantv Information


• June 30, 2006 - HHS Assists States With Antiviral Drug Purchases More »

• lan« 28, 2006 - Bush Administrator» R*t«as«s Interim Fir»*l Ragulition Implementing The Next Phase Of Welfare Reform Wore >>

Surgeon General's Report Focuses on the Effects of Secondhand Smoke Wore >>

/^S News is relegated to the right column.

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Other Highlights

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