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The effective date is in a l^yj fragment at the top.

The three questions give I the page a clear structure.

Australians mailing food to the United States may have to fill out a prior notice form

Starting dare1 August 12.20CM

Must I do this?

There is one exception' If you made thefood yourself in your home ■ and are sending it as a personal gift (not for business reasons) to an ¡ndivrdual in the United Slates, you do not have to fill out the prior notice form.

In all other situations, you must fill out the prior notice form. What must I do?

You must fill Qui a "prior notice'form with the U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the food you ate sending to the U.S. You must do this online al http://www access fda gov

FDAvrtll confirm thai it has received your prior notice form

You must take the confitmation to Australia Post when you go to mail your parcel

/¡"^S The key message is in l^yj the heading.

The exception comes first, 1 ^J so many people won't have to read the whole page.

Why must I do this?

The U.S. Bioterrorism Ad requites FDA to have this new form. More information on the Bioterrorism Act is available at the F OA website at hltp/Aww cfsan fda qflvJ-dms/fcbtaot html

After rewriting the original content, we can see where S^y information is missing. How will I get the confirmation from the FDA? What do I do if I don't have a computer?

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