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I hope that you will learn from Letting Go of the Words and that it will answer most of your questions. I would also like to continue the conversation that I'm starting in this book. Join us on the web site at to ask a question, voice an opinion, get information about usability testing and other topics, and share your examples.


Here are key messages from Chapter 1:

• People come to web sites to satisfy goals, to do tasks, to get answers to questions.

• They come for information, for the content.

• They don't read much, especially before they get to the page that has the information they want.

• Even on information pages, they skim and scan before they start to read.

• They want to read only enough to meet their needs.

• Think of the web as a conversation started by a busy web user.

• Answer people's questions - throughout your web content, not only in sections called frequently asked questions.

• Write so that busy people can grab the information they need and go on to whatever they need to do next.

• Start with a usability test. Test early; test often; test on a small-scale, iteratively.

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