PREselling Your Priority

It's NOT about selling... It s about PREselling. -- Ken Evoy

To be successful, the needs of your target group have to be your #1 Priority. Your desire to earn income comes second.

Use great content to create an open-to buy/hire mindset in your visitor. Deliver strong, appropriate editorial content that PREsells.

PREsold visitors convert more easily and more frequently into paying customers -higher Conversion Rates (CR) - which is exactly the result that your online business has to achieve in order to flourish.

Bottom line?

There is no such thing as "passerby traffic" on the Net. You have to build and attract warm, willing-to-buy traffic on an ongoing basis.

A great content site helps you achieve that goal. It increases targeted traffic, which produces more sales, which in turn produces more income. In other words, the key is to develop great content that leads to the money-making click...

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