Setting Your MWR Before You Start Selling

Nothing happens by accident in the world of computers, the Net, and customer response. There is always a reason for what happens, good or bad, and that reason is you. --Ken Evoy's "e-commerce reality"

The transition from "PREselling" content (i.e., high-value information that your target visitor is searching for) to "selling" copy (i.e. closing the deal and getting the order) is easier once you can clearly answer this question.

What do you most want your visitor to do when she is at your Web site?

Or to phrase it more simply.

What is your Most Wanted Response. your MWR?

The answer to that question is critical because you can't start your visitor on a journey through your site until you know the exact destination where you want her to land. Once you set your MWR, you will write every word of your sales copy to reach that goal. Every headline, subheading, paragraph, sentence will be focused on getting your MWR.

So take a few minutes now and ask yourself the question. What is my Most Wanted Response when a visitor comes to my site?...

• Is it to make a direct sale, straight off your site?

• Is it to generate a lead through a response form so that you can follow-up offline?

• Is it to convince your visitor to take up the offer for a 30 day free trial download for first-hand experience of the product?

• Is it to get your visitor to subscribe to your newsletter, or enter a contest, or request your "freebie"?

Don't stop thinking about it until you are sure that your chosen MWR is the best for your business. Write down whatever comes into your mind. No need to edit at this point.

Let the ideas flow. Then change, refine and narrow it down until you are completely satisfied that... Yes! This is my Most Wanted Response.

Setting the MWR focuses you totally on getting a visitor to fulfill the action that will generate income for you, whatever that may be. Some examples to illustrate.

• if you are Webmaster (a type of service seller), your MWR might be a click-through to your contact information page which provides your phone number or e-mail address for follow-up communication. The resulting phone call is where you close the deal and secure a work contract.

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