2) The Opening Headlines

3) The Opening Paragraphs

4) All the Sub-headings

5) The Links to the MWR.

6) The Body Copy itself.

No need to rush! Take your time. Really get a feel for the site and its content. Back already? Great! So what was the MWR?

That's simple. The MWR is for the visitor to click through to the order page and buy Site Build It!. Once the MWR is established, the goal of each component is to pull the reader to the next component. from Opening Headline to Opening Paragraph to Subheadings to Body Copy to MWR.

As you can see, all the copy was written with the MWR in mind. It reflects the needs of the auction seller (already in the business or just starting out) and provides her with an affordable solution.

With Site Build It!, she can build and own a stable diversified online business that generates lots of targeted traffic and income. Success is guaranteed.

The content on this Web illustrates how the six key components (MWR, Opening Headline, Opening Paragraph, Sub-headings, links to the MWR, and Body Copy) all combine to "warm up" a visitor and then convert her "open-to-buy" attitude into a sale.

Soon, your sales copy will be doing the same. ©

Soon you ask? Yes, very soon. but don't close this book just yet. There's still work to do.

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