Write for Your Ideal Customer

If I could be you and you could be me for just one hour we could find a way to get inside each other's mind --Lyric from "Walk A Mile In My Shoes," Joe South, 1970's Hit

Got your MWR firmly planted in your brain?

Fantastic! Have you also made notes from your assignment about those six key components -- MWR, Opening Headline, Opening Paragraph, Sub-headings, links to the MWR, and Body Copy?

What do you mean by "The dog ate it"? If you have not yet done so, review the example site now (http://auctions.sitesell.com/). You'll learn a lot more, if you do the exercise. Or if you cannot identify with auctions, go to http://find.sitesell.com/. Find your type of business there and click to that site and review its sales copy.

Read it with the following in mind... How are these words affecting me? What are these words trying to do? See how the copy is trying to get into the targeted customer's mindset.

Okay, we're ready to work on the foundation for a successful e-biz... Surprised? Are you thinking to yourself?... "Where's the keyboard action?" "What about formatting?" "No headline creation?".

Well, just like most things in life, you can't skip to the front of the line, without some unpleasant consequences. Effective PREselling and selling are no different. Every word-headline-sentence-paragraph has a persuasive role to play. a powerfully persuasive role.

A firm foundation is critical for whatever actions you take from now on. So let's go back to ground level. Your business, whether it is...

• high-tech or labor-intensive,

• top-end or bargain-basement,

... depends on the perceived value of your product (or service) by your customers. If they do not see a benefit or "what's in it for them," then their relationship with you will go no further. Your prospective customers will look elsewhere. And your competitors are always willing and waiting to greet them.

How do you prevent this?

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