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Surfers are looking for information and solutions. But they usually don't know exactly who or what can provide it. So they rely on Search Engines to source possibilities that are worth their effort to visit. It's through the Search Engines (SEs) that you need to reach your visitors.

Search Engines use computer programs called spiders to go out and bring your site back to its home (ex., the Search Engine's database). Another program (called an algorithm) decides whether your site or some other site is more relevant to a search request for a certain keyword.

If a Web surfer searches for "salami," then Google wants to deliver the most relevant salami sites on the Net. If someone else searches for "baloney," then Google wants to give that searcher the most relevant sites for that word... even (or especially in this particular case!) if they're full of baloney!

You must honestly convince each Search Engine that your page is the most relevant for each keyword that you target and thus deserves a high ranking. If you trick the engine, your success won't last long, and when it discovers the trick, it will ban you.

Why? The answer is not complicated.

The Search Engines are in business, too. Their product is the quality of their search results. Help them make their product better and they'll love you.

And, help the searcher, who is your potential visitor and customer. Solve her problem -deliver what she wants, in spades.

Satisfy the whole reason why she is doing the search. If you do this, you add value to the Search Engine's product. And they'll love you for it.

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You must win, too, of course. How? Succeed at the first two wins.

By delivering valuable relevant content to both your visitors and the SEs.

Remember, people use the Net to find information. Information is contained in text. Compelling text is 1,000% more important than fancy design. After all, if a fancy page has no substance, it delivers no value. Quality content always does.

Try not to distract your visitors from the real goal of your Web site... to get the click through to your monetization model (your order page, or the site of the merchant that you represent, or your contact form, etc). Reinforce through your style and content that you are indeed an authority on your business -- an expert that your visitors can trust.

Bottom line?

Relax. Focus on your visitors. Don't try to get their attention with bells and whistle. It's information that they want and need.

For example... let's say that the theme of your site is "golf." Create lots of topical pages related to golf, including these interesting topics.

• the British Open

By writing about a niche that you know and love, the content is easy. Taken all together, this tightly-focused site scores well at the Search Engines for hundreds of golf-related terms. And that brings you lots and lots of targeted traffic.

This site could easily grow to over 200 pages -- each page focusing upon a different topic (i.e., a keyword-focused content page), each one related to your theme. The net sum of all the information on all your pages forms the theme-based content of your site.


Site Build It! helps you take what you know and love and turn that into your own unique content on your own unique Web site. It automates the tedious elements of keyword research, site-building-promotion-and-management, and frees you to focus on what you know best... your business, whatever that may be. whatever niche that may involve.

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A Theme-Based Content Site is definitely the way to go -- the winning formula -especially if you're operating on a shoestring budget and are interested in attracting free qualified traffic from the Search Engines.

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