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Use your information to create personas

If you've done the first four steps in this chapter, you have a lot of facts about the people who will or should come to your web site. But it may be hard to imagine real people in the facts you've gathered. Do the facts seem dry Do they lack human interest - a real sense of the people your web content is for Alan Cooper popularized personas in design. Cooper's books are listed in the bibliography. A great way to bring your web users alive for yourself and your team is to create personas. A...

Medium line length as default

People not only adjust the text size, they adjust the width of the window they are looking at. This is another huge difference between paper and the web. Monitor sizes vary screen resolutions vary how much screen space people give to each window varies. For your web pages to be readable and useful, the text must adjust and wrap well from line to line as people resize their windows. So set your text to be fluid also called a liquid layout . However, you should consider what your web page will...

Lets people grab and go

On the web, breaking information into pieces for different users, different topics, different questions, and different needs helps web users to grab just what they need and go on to look up their next question, do their next task, make a decision, get back to work, or do whatever comes next for them. In this book, we'll look at several ways to write so that busy web users can grab and go. Figures 1-1 and 1-2 show you just one example of how we can transform traditional writing into good web...

Use action phrase headings for instructions

Instructions With Headings

Many of the questions that users bring to web sites are How do I. . . If you have only one such question with many other questions on a web page, it's fine to keep that as a question. However, if you have a series of questions, all of which would start How do I . . . people may have a hard time finding the one they want. Which set of headings is easier to scan and use When you find yourself writing how do I . . . over and over, take away the repeated words and start each heading with the action...

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